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Gothenburg Rock City


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Tony Sjöman

Gothenburg Rock City

Mon Aug 13, 2007 @ 04:04PM

Hey Matt!

This is Tony. Me and Sanna met you in Central-America. I've been checkin here every now and then even though it's been quite some time since my last visit.

We thought you we're going to make it to Sweden and Scandinavia earlier in the summer. Remember we talked about Roskilde Festival in Denmark :) We'll you didn't really miss anything. It has never rained more on the festival than it did this year, but it's still the best festival in the world and I'm sure you would love it!

We've been waiting for you here in Sweden and the ironic thing is that my vacation starts on friday Aug 17th and on Sunday we'll fly to the States for a month long road-trip! But please E-mail us, our neighbour got the keys to our apartment and you're more than welcome to stay at our place.


Tony from Göteborg, Sweden

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