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Dan Teske

Movies on HBO

Wed Feb 07, 2007 @ 03:06PM

Judging by the overwhelming popularity of the Movies forum, I'm guessing that many of us don't quite get to movies as often as Tall Matt. Instead we end up watching movies for the first time on HBO (or Showtime, etc). If they're good I'll watch them over and over (Wedding Crashers, Tombstone, Shawshank) until HBO moves on to something different. Even though you've got some of them on DVD it just doesn't seem to have the same appeal.

Fortunately for me this month appears to be "Star Wars" month. I've already watched episodes I-III, V, and VI. That's what a weekend with family in town will do to you.

The most intriguing HBO movie I've seen as of late is A History of Violence. I wasn't familiar with it but after a quick click of the INFO button on my trusty remote I was in. Who doesn't want to see Aragorn and Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel go head-to-head in a coffee shop? Seems entertaining to me (quick note: I watch movies to be entertained, nothing more).

My first reaction was that it was much more graphic than anticipated. Sex and violence, what's more entertaining than that? Watching Aragorn go from humble coffee-shop-owner-guy to ass-kicking "Joey" works pretty well.

However, my favorite plot line of the movie is his son. After you learn about "Joey" you just know that his son inherited the same life-taking skills of his father. After about 3 or 4 scenes of the same jock picking on "Joey Jr" you new it was time. <MILLS_LANE>Let's get it on!</MILLS_LANE> I'd like to think the only reason he beat the hell out of that kid was for wearing that ridiculous letter winner’s jacket. Later he continues his professional development by blowing away one-eyed Ed with a timely blast from a street howitzer.

It's a pretty short movie and moves along quickly. Edie (Maria Bello) is fantastic as Tom/Joey's wife and Ed Harris does a good job of creeping you out as the bad guy. There are some hard to believe scenes (like Tom's wife putting on a cheerleader outfit and engaging in 69 activities after years of marriage) but that doesn't detract too much from the movie.

This isn't a movie you'd watch over and over (like Star Wars) but is worth a once-over.


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Sat Feb 10, 2007 @ 02:29PM

I agree - I liked it a lot as well. It made my list last year I believe. I thought it was cool to Viggo Mortensen in a different role. I was somewhat surprised William Hurt got a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his performance as his brother. He was fine, but Oscar worthy?

Being a comic book geek, I love that some of the more obscure graphic novels are getting the big screen treatment. "A History of Violence" was an adaptation of a graphic novel (collected comic book for those of you unfamiliar) they turned into a movie. The same is true of "Road to Perdition" which came out a few years ago (one of my favorites). There have been a bunch more. All these along with the influx of Spiderman 1-3, Superman Returns, Batman Begins, etc., and more on the way, it´s a good time to be a comic book fan. Geeks rejoice!

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