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Matt - Mon Aug 06, 2007 @ 04:34AM
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Before writing anything about my time in London, I would be remiss in not thanking a few people. As I was working my way through Spain and The Netherlands, I kept a wary eye on the exchange rate between the Dollar and the Pound. It wasn't a pretty picture.

I had a couple contacts in London, and was hopeful that I might be able to find some floor space somewhere. However, a few emails would later reveal that they were either out of town, had guests already, or simply didn't reply.

Anyway, to make a long story short, a few of my good friends came through, and in a big way. Without their kindness and hospitality, I probably wouldn't have spent more than two or three days in London. And, to top it off, they showed me a wonderful time while I was there. So without further ado, I'd like to thank:

Justin. Justin and I go way back, owing our friendship to a couple jokers named Ressler and Gabrick, as well as to a little project in London in 2003. When I got an email from Justin earlier in the trip inviting me to come by if/when I made it to London, it was exciting to say the least. I ended up staying almost a week at Justin's apartment in North London, even some time when he was in Paris working on a new project.

Justin, thanks much for everything. Your apartment was a little place of Zen for me for a week, and allowed me to get a lot of much needed writing, thinking and resting done. Also, thanks for the use of the phone, the visit to Nandos, the chat in the bar before the sushi party and the geek-fest with Bakie at the Star Wars Exhibit and of course Transformers. I owe you huge man.

Mickey and Kristen. Mickey, Kristen and I also go back a ways. Mickey and I first met at a Cerner holiday party in KC many moons ago. Remember that, Mick? Since then, we also worked together on the now infamous project in London. Once back stateside, I was introduced to Kristen Mick's significant other, and now better half. I had completely forgotten about Mickey and Kristen being over in London. A few emails later, I had an additional place to stay for a while.

Mickey and Kristen, Thank you for your generous hospitality, and your wonderful welcoming attitude. Would you believe they even met me at the tube stop when I arrived? And to top it off, after a discussion on the value of a Chipotle burrito, Kristen organized a Mexican Fiesta with a group of Cerner folk one night. And, I'll speak for others - Mickey, you're a lucky man to have a woman that can cook enchiladas like that. It was absolutely great to spend some time with you, and catch up on things back home.

If I ever grow up and buy/rent a house some day, you're all coming over for a gathering of epic proportions. Or, at least a few tasty beverages and some pizza.

Thanks guys. You made a huge impact on my trip - in more ways than you know.

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1. Justin   |  my website   |   Sat Sep 01, 2007 @ 09:39AM

Good times my friend, good times.

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