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Matt - Thu Nov 08, 2007 @ 05:13AM
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Elephant ArtworkFor all its many problems, India is a beautiful country. It has sights and sounds unlike any other place on earth. There are a million things which beg description. The taste of the wonderful Indian food, the beauty of the myriad of temples, the intricacy of the artwork of local craftsmen... However, one thing will always stay with me: Color.

The colors aren't just interesting here - they are spectacular. They are brilliant and mesmerizing. Bundles of rusty orange, spheres of apple green, mounds of cool lavender...

The beautiful saris of the Indian women. The brightly colored turbans of old men rambling up and down the narrow streets. The sandstone used to build massive fortresses. The intricate designs chalked on the trunks of the lumbering elephant taxis. Reflections on the water of grand palaces...

India is color - the entire spectrum poured out before you. It oozes out of storefronts, bursts from fruit stands and sets the evening sky ablaze. It hides around corners, crawls up buildings and shimmers across the ripples of lakes.

I could try to describe everything to you, but it would be pointless - I'd get frustrated, and you'd get bored. So, below I've placed some of my favorite images. Some of the pieces of India I'll keep in my head forever.

Comments: 24


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