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Matt - Thu Oct 25, 2007 @ 03:29AM
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Southeast Asia has provided an experience like none other. An amazing set of cultures, landscapes and architecture. My last few weeks have been nothing short of spectacular.

Along with all the beautiful scenery, there are some images that are just too funny to pass up. Here are my favorites from Asia so far:


Singapore, Singapore: You can find just about everything in Asian shopping malls. They range from super swanky to "I hope that teatnus shot worked." As you might expect, the methods of marketing are a bit different. I love this underwear store:



Siem Reap, Cambodia: When 7-Eleven just isn't enough:



Hong Kong, China: You can't keep a good thing like this in the US forever. Like the regulars at Buffalo Wild Wings, folks in Hong Kong know the value of a good PBR.

PBR in Hong Kong


Siem Reap, Cambodia: This airline is FAT. And not with a "ph".



Bangkok, Thailand: If your Tough Actin' Tinactin is starting to wear off at The Royal Palace (yes, the Emperor's old pad) in Bangkok, you'll just have to find another sink...

Sink at the Royal Palace in Bangkok


Beijing, China: There were two signs in a bar's bathroom that had us laughing for a while. I didn't even have to go, but I made a special trip.

Just for peebeijing bathroom sign


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Apparently there's some side work for Manga artists in KL. That's one expressive toilet.

KL Toilet sign


Bangkok, Thailand: Scottsbluff, Nebraska... Warsaw, Poland... Bangkok, Thailand. Men of all cultures have pretty much the same reaction to shopping malls.

Men in malls


Bangkok, Thailand: Even monks can't resist a Big Gulp.

Monk getting a Big Gulp


Siem Reap, Cambodia: Much like the rarer North American Grey Hairs, the Asian Grey Hairs move in slow packs through their natural habitats of airports, fancy hotels and tourist attractions. However, the Asian Grey Hairs can be further distinguished from their bretheren by their markings - in this case, rediculous hunter-orange hats.

orange hats


Bangkok, Thailand: I wonder what her cards tell her about her chances of a heart attack.

fortune teller

Comments: 2


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